Thursday, January 31, 2008

All About Melissa

This Blog is specifically for Melissa telling her what an awesome person she is, how she is such a good friend, and exactly how much she means to me as a person. AND as a footnote, to ask her in a subtle way why she does not have me on her "my friends blogs" list. (I believe in the three point thesis)

1.) Melissa is a very awesome person, she does a lot of cool stuff. Works at a pretty nice job, tells rather humorous anecdotes, and is quite attractive (or at least Jim thinks so - I prefer men). Not only that but she also provides me with a decent amount of interesting things to talk about on my blog.

2.) Melissa is a friend. (I guess that's all I have to say about that)

3.) As a person, she means a lot.

Ok, now for the footnote which may not turn out to be all that subtle.


This has given me cause for much thought and concern as to her intentions for not allowing me to be on such an exclusive list. Does she think that I have so much time as to personally alert her via text every time that I blog? Or maybe she is WORSE than me in blogging and therefore is not aware as to anyone else's activity, or MAYBE she is embarrassed as to the nature of our conditonal friendship and does not wish for it to be made public.... Whatever the case may be, this is my personal petition (albeit a short one) that I, without too much conjecture, may be added to the list and carry out my intended place as co-blogger.


Melissa said...

haha, I keep thinking i need to add you but forget when i'm actually posting. I'll try to do it tonight when I get home.

Melissa said...

oh stop.

your more than a side note ;)

Hope your feeling better!

Debbie Slakes said...

You are INSANE! I always thought so -- you just removed ALL doubt!