Saturday, March 29, 2008

Late Night Babysitting

wHaT iS gOiNg On?!?

Mode of Transportation: New Honda Civic
Economic Bio of Country Dwellers: Upper Middle Class
Status of Children: Smart and Reading (5 yrs old) Losing teeth (7 yrs old) and ALL-night whiner (3 yrs old)
Surround Sound Speakers: LAME
Organic Wegmans Pantry Raid:
   String Cheese!
   Dried: PEAS
   Hot cocoa - Tsp. cocoa and sugar - puke
Apple: um... no we didn't eat apples.. My AMAZING wifi connection : )  - thus, this blog.
   1st Hour: Decent
   2nd Hour: Uncomfortable
   "Hello Children"
   3rd Hour: Squirming repeatedly
   4rth Hour: Back Breaking

Movie: Starring Micheal W. Smith (actor? who knew?) 

Made Me CRY, well not really cuz then I woulda been embarrassed that tears were streaming down my face and Amanda woulda felt awkward and tried to discreetly glance over out of the corner of her eye and felt all uncomfortable (and i'm not talking about the couch here) then... who KNOWS what would happen?!

Prediction For Concluding Events:
Finish movie
Try to be comfortable on evil couches
Amuse each other with a) conversation b)poking each other or c) more uncomfortable shifting
Wait for talk-a-tive parents
Talk to aforementioned persons
... and listen 
...and listen
...and listen
to the late night owls



Melissa said...

wow, that sounds like an exciting night. What movie did you watch?

Amanda said...

hello children. *evil smile* we watched the movie with mws in it, it was ok. anyways, alicia, you should post more because you are hilaaaaaaaaarious.

Melissa said...

your so funny.

and yes, please post more. Be cool like Amanda and I!

Debbie Slakes said...

Honestly! You need to blog more! I find this HYSTERICAL! Thanks for making me laugh OUT LOUD!