Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Shelf

It all started one day
In a land far away

Avoca or Bath as they may call it
A house nestled by a creek

There lived a young lady 
With a family of many

Her figure bearing a chest aplenty
And on such a day as she was told

Carry these things to the basement below
She looked at her hands (there were only but two!)

Loading her arms with care
Balancing packages by the hair!

She made use of those monstrous beasts
Chin to package, package to bosom!

She faired well 'til she came to th' step
That many a time befall, even those daintyest 

Despite that little mistep of misfortune
Her buxom faired her well

And on that day God blessed the shelf!

Ever after it twas used 
As rest for countless burdens

Most oft' newest technology cradled there
When rest and recline could afford

Many a person (*cough* Amanda) made notice
Of the useful shelf!

1 comment:

Amanda @ notsoextraordinary said...

hahahahahahahahahahahaaaaa!!! omg you are hilarious, i seriously CAN'T HANDLE IT!!!