Monday, May 26, 2008

In Bed With Amanda

Three D's and a C... Ok that is a topic that DOESN'T need discussing. Don't ask, but if you HAVE to know use your imagination.

Interviewer: So how long have the two of you been sleeping together?
(AL) I have been sleeping with Amanda on various occasions for the past four years, and it always proves interesting.

(AM) Well let's see, it all started in the halls of Elim where sleeping together was in fact prohibited, but we managed to sneek in a few nights together.

Interviewer: wow, sounds scandalous... How did your RA's react to this?

(AL) Elim days were only the start of this tawdry affair, but they never caught on!

(AM) This is a family blog so we will just discuss the logistics of having to sleep with another person.

Interviewer: So, does it take a while to get used to sleeping together?

(AM) I have always been a snuggler, but it depends on the person and what they are comfortable with.

(AL) I would say yes, just because generally I have to get used to sleeping in a different bed much less a different person.

(AM) Long about the time Al got used to sleeping with me, I reverted back to preferring to sleep alone, mostly because I got so sick of trying not to touch her it became more work than it was worth.

(AL) Which brings me to another point, I cannot fall asleep if someone is touching me. Anywhere.  I have to have complete solitude or I will not sleep well.

Interviewer: Well that concludes this interview and the history of your life in bed. To be continiued..... 

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Debbie Slakes said...

that's just SICK! :)