Wednesday, April 30, 2008

                                          WAZ UP GUYS?

So, as I was on the phone with Amanda tonight, I was looking at pictures in this program that I have not used in a while. It amuses me how many ridiculous pictures that I have, and most of them need to be deleted. Out of the archives, I rescued this ancient relic. This picture corresponds with our conversation and the previous post.  Its the go get em attitude that is lacking for girls that are at the end of the line (old maids). Why is it that their are so many sweet, loveable, but more importantly available girls are not being snatched up by the swooning knight in shining armor? Obviously in my case it's not for lack of attitude. The face don't lie.  In order to help such unfortunate girls - - Amanda and myself - - I researched how to avoid such a sad plight. Here are some tips that will hopefully aid the search for a mate and life-long happiness:

  1. Find someone you like. Make contact. Start a conversation.
  2. Talk about yourself, and encourage them to talk about themselves.
  3. When they say something impressive, begin expressing romantic interest.
  4. On a date don't act like you are in kindergarten. Make eye contact and compliment him or her. Be nice. Act like the world was made for you two.
  5. Be friendly! If you're mean, they will lose interest in you.
  6. Give the person some space - nobody likes a stalker --cough cough
  7. When starting a conversation, have something in mind that you want to talk about - ice breakers like "Hey what's up?" or "What are you drinking" are big losers. 
  8. Don't swear, pick your nose, spit, or engage in other obnoxious behaviors. Crude behavior may eventually be tolerated by your date, but it will never be appreciated.
  9.  You may wish to ask a friend to help out if you are a nervous.
  10. Repeat steps 1-9 with the next person!                                                          

Things You'll Need

Ice breakers or mints (garlic breath can be noxious)

Money (optional, that's what's great about bein a girl!)

proper clothes 


Amanda said...

you are officially completely OUT OF CONTROL. however, i will have to counterpost this one...

ps you can't read it in black!

Melissa said...

i cannot read your black text.